A project for SPARK in collaboration with photographer, Tom Nicholson, featuring the stories of refugees in Turkey, Jordan, Iraq (KR-I) and Lebanon. The project aims to present a counter narrative for refugees, present their personal successes and demonstrate what can be achieved if people - particularly women - are given an opportunity. 

I researched, coordinated, interviewed, audio recorded and produced this podcast series. It was edited by The Media Booth.


Sarab Attar
Kurdish, 19, living in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

2018-06-27_Sarab Attar, 19 (Kurdish), BYB, Erbil, KRI_1087.jpg

Muhamed Najjar
Syrian living in Kahramanmaras, Turkey, studying to be a Paramedic

Rasha Rafai
Syrian in Bekaa, Lebanon working as a Teaching Assistant having recently graduated

Aya Baroud
Syrian, 20, living in Gaziantep, Turkey and studying to be an Architect

2018-07-01_Aya Baroud, Architecture Student at Gaziantep Uni, Gaziantep, TK_0700.jpg

Raneem Faisal
Jordanian co-founder Raneem, 32, started a textile manufacturing company in Irbid, northern Jordan, which brings together rural Syrian and Jordanian women through work

Hasan Skeiker
Aspiring tech entrepreneur from Syria, 24, living in Beirut, Lebanon

2018-06-21_Hassan Skaiker, 23 Digital Marketing, Beirut, student no. 39548 LEB_d3_1264.jpg

Dania Abdulbaqi
Syrian, living in Gaziantep, Turkey and founded a kindergarten for children of all nationalities

Milia Eidmouni
Syrian journalist and founder of Syrian Female Journalist Network, based in Jordan since 2012

2018-06-25_Milia Eidmouni (Syrian), Founder of SFJN, Amman, JO_0561.jpg