Refugee stories
I researched, interviewed and produced a number of short portrait films for SPARK. The films tell the stories of (mostly) Syrian refugee students and entrepreneurs now living, working or studying in Jordan, the Netherlands, France and Germany.



Peckham, London
I researched, interviewed and co-produced a social justice documentary, Bleacher on the Rye, with Spectacle Media. The film follows the efforts of Network Rail to redevelop the Peckham Rye Station area of London and speaks to the local residents and small business owners about the effect the gentrification campaign will have on them. I also wrote several blog posts in connection to this story.



Story of Now
I assisted in the production of a cutting-edge, interactive documentary series for BBC Taster, Story of Now. The 10-part series was powered by TouchCast, a tool that allows files to be shared within video content. Every five-minute film has several hours of discoverable content within it. Viewers are given the control over what they wish to learn more about with the touch of a button - all the time staying within the live video.